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VimpelCom Names Three Georgian App Finalists for Eurasia Mobile Challenge

The Eurasia Mobile Challenge (EMC) is an opportunity to enhance your entrepreneurial skills, showcase your unique and innovative thinking and also win BIG.

This challenge is not only for people with technical skills, but for people with great ideas that can translate into viable solutions that meet a need in your community, or in the world.

The participating countries of the challenge will include Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The EMC team will be running acceleration bootcamps in every one of these locations, for you to come and join us and learn the key things that can give you the edge to win this competition.

Additionally, challenge also will match as many participating teams as possible with mentors in respective country. Where face to face mentorship is difficult, organizers will attempt to organise remote mentoring online or on the phone. Upon submission of applications by the deadline posted below, all applications will be rated online via a judging system.

The top THREE applications from every one of the participating countries, including Georgia were invited to a BIG Regional Final Event in January 2017.

“At the Regional Final, you will pitch your idea with other teams (a total of 24 teams), in front of a panel of judges and you have the opportunity to win financial prizes and the opportunity to be invited to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to compete in the Global Mobile Competition against international teams”.

The winners of  Eurasia Mobile Challenge in Georgia are:

Augep – App that recognizes unknown named dishes


Augep is the first augmented reality menu, It helps to make reasonable decision in case if you don’t know or never tested some of the dishes at the restaurant.

TreePex: Easiest way to plant a personal tree

TREEPEX” to Change the Idea of Purchasing
Treepex co-founders

Treepex is green loyalty program. Startup has established a green logo brand (trademark) in the global market, which means that if you see a product with Treepex logo affixed to it, another tree will be planted on your behalf.

PersoMedic-  Bringing patient and a doctor together

Persomedic is a medical app, which questions patient symptoms and gives advice to visit specific doctor. App also appoints doctor meeting and provides all kinds of required information. Authors of the app aim to eliminate the usage of search engines for diagnosing diseases.