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URBAN GREENS – Micro Herbs Startup by Tusa and Keta

“We, two girls, have built a 30 square meter greenhouse near Tbilisi, ordered glass frames and started growing micro herbs under a vertical principle. This technology enabled us to receive more harvest on this small space.

We have included nobody in the experimental process. We have studied and explored everything ourselves, contacted foreign experts abroad and received their suggestions”, Tusa Gharibashvili, co-founder of Urban Green micro herbs company and the idea author, told the Marketer.

Jointly with her friend Keta Bezhitashvili, Tusa has introduced an innovative vision of culinary and food culture on the market. One of the principles of the company is to staff the company by only females.

Tusa Gharibashvili, talks about the company foundation idea, orientation, working team shaping principles and consumer communication channels for the Marketer.

What phases has the idea shaping process passed and what was your experience when starting the company?

-The idea of Urban Greens arose 2 years ago. In that period I was involved in culinary issues. Many chefs are my friends and they have inspired me to start working on this project. In the idea development process, one of my friends, who is co-founder of Urban Greens, Keta Bezhitashvili, helped me implement this idea. None of us had experience in this field, but we had serious motivation and ambition.

How have you determined the staffing principle?

-Without feminism motivations. I just think that flowers and micro herbs are so attractive and fluffy esthetically that a team of beautiful girls should work on it. Today our team consists of 4 women. Each one has specific responsibilities and we care to expand output and distribution in continuous regime.