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Tesla Toys: New Player on Georgian Digital Market

Company Tesla Toys is a new player of mobile applications and IT project market in Georgia. The company was founded by few friends. Director of Tesla Toys Jaba Bokuchava talked with Marketer.ge about their startup and future goals.

What does Tesla Toys mean and what is the main goal of the company?

The goal was to establish our name on mobile application and IT project market in Georgia. Our task was to create such functional product that would simplify the working process.


 How does your company work?

We work on both, startups and business projects. Our company is ready to serve small and medium enterprises and create them new communication platform on Android and iOS devises, also to make mobile applications and web projects.

Company has already worked on large projects; We have created mobile application Radiola Turner, which is player for Georgian radio stations. Applications enabled radios to have a connection to smart phones.

Another challenge for us for us was management system and mobile application of Buckswood School, which involved constant informative system for school stuff and also for parents.


Brand name comes from the concept of the company, tools that Nicolas Tesla invented was as simple as toy, respectively we named our company Tesla Toys. In the near future company plans to develop different startups, apart from this Tesla toys inc. works on several business projects.