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Startuper Summarized Results of Two Months

In the frame of TBC Bank program  Startuper, during two months, more than 1 million GEL loan has been given to clients. Until now, up to 30 businesses took benefit of the program in different fields: clothes and shoe making, technological direction, agro sector, hand-made items, hotel construction and etc.

More than 3000 startupers benefited from cheap bank product packages.There are up to 200 startups on the program webpage for anyone to find out more information and look for contact information or share the startup they like directly in social network for their friends.

 Program has been launched for two months now and there were special products created for startupers. Apart from financial support, the program also includes different non-financial activities: In the frame of startuper, representatives of 200 startups attended the special course of trainings and master classes to improve their knowledge and skills to manage their business better.

For TBC Bank, business support is a corporative social responsibility. The aim of the program, startuper is supporting startups and popularization of business in the country. We have already implemented countless initiatives and we are planning to do so in the future. In the near future, we will offer startup products which match their needs along with other leader companies at the market. In a month, we will launch startup card as well, which will offer sales to startups with cash back principle- declared general director of TBC Bank, Nika Kurdiani.

For detailed information, visit startuper webpage: www.startuperi.ge.