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New Georgian Fruit Ice Cream Cumbo Pops Delivery Service

The first Georgian hand made fruit ice cream “Cumbo Pops” has appeared. The new brand has entered the market 2 months ago.

Startup founder, Mari Tchumburidze says to Business course that ice cream does not contain chemical impurities or sugar and is therefore safe for diabetes, as well as for vegans and children.

Mari buys fruit at the local market for Pops. Frozen fruit ice cream Cumbo Pops is produced at rented space for this business.

The ice cream is made depending on season. Now the company offers mugs, strawberry, curry, cherry, peach and raspberry Pops. It is also planned to offer watermelon and melon ice cream  in the current season.

Mari Tchumburidze wants to produce ice cream in winter too, by seasonal fruit like kiwi and orange.

As company does not own an ice cream store, they offered customers delivery service. It is also possible to try it at Flea market, which is held on Sundays, in Deda Ena Park.

Cumbo Pops plans to open the store for the product.