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Neat Knit- Ecologically Clean Toys

According to the EU directives, all toys should have an instruction as well as the information about safety. There is no law issued concerning this issue in Georgia and won’t be until 2019. Meanwhile, two Georgian students, Salome Silagadze and Vano Kalmakhelidze created ecologically clean toys startup, Neat Knit. Marketer had an interview with Salome Silagadze, one of the founders of Neat Knit.


How did you come up with an idea to create Neat Knit?

When I was in the US, I realized that parents allowed their children to play only with ecologically clean toys. Therefore,we came up with an idea to create ecologically clean toys which would be safe for kids.

How is the name Neat Knit related to what you do?

We chose the name Neat Knit because it is suitable for the content of our work and reflects on our attitude in the process of toy-making. It is also very easy to pronounce and remember. 

What is production made of and who makes toys?

Our material is 100% cotton and none of the details contain plastic. We purchase the materials in Georgia. We pack the products with ecologically clean paper. There are two people employed at Neat Knit: One of them knits the details and the other one makes toys with knitted parts.

What is your advantage compared to other toy producer companies?

Our hand-made dolls are made of ecologically clean and anti-allergic materials. Since most of toys in Georgia are made of unsafe and dangerous materials, we decided to offer soft and safe toys to the customers. Our toys and any other product which we might create in the future will be safe for health.

In which direction do you plan to develop your brand?

We are going to create ecologically clean products and not be limited to only creating toys. We want to add new toys as well. As for export, we are not thinking about it at this stage. However, our first try to sell production in the US has been successful.