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Natural, Family Wine Produced at Tedo’s Cellar

The interest towards family and natural wines increases day by day, accordingly, the number of small cellars is growing. Tedo’s Cellar is a family cellar that produces qvevri wines accordance bio standards. every work is done by family membery, Tedo’s daughter Eto Gzirishvili works on branding direction with her spouse. She had an interview with marketer about their product and types of wine.


What caused your interest in producing wine? 

My father, Tedo Gzirishvili is a winemaker, he live in Sagarejo and produces wine in family cellar. 1 year ago, I came up with the idea to pour wine in bottle s and sell them. Family style wines have become more popular in Georgia and we decided to give it a try. We do every work at home, only family members are involved, even etiquette is made and sticked by us, that’s how we emphasize that it’s a small amount family wine. Me and my spouse worked on branding (startup Levanccio Arts&Crafts), Logo expresses Dionysus, as he is a god of grape harvest in Greek mythology.

Where is it located and what amount of wine do you produce?

Vineyard is on the road to David Gareja, by the Ivri river. This is one, very hot zone; this is very important factor for vine, deeper its roots go down, more mineral we get. We produce about 1000 bottles per type. Vineyard is bigger that our produce number,

How many types of wine do you create, do you plan to add types or expand producing in the future?

We produce 2 types of wine- Saperavi and Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane. We also have a third type- Budeshuri red, which we ran out. As it’s family business, edition is small and wine- high-quality. We plan to increase quantity, upon request. We’ll have Budeshuri red next year, as it’s very different and gets more popular.


As we know, you produce biologically clean wine, is it because of your technique or grape quality? 
We don’t use any fertilizer or non-biological harmful substances when spraying vineyards. We use only natural ways, like alum, sulfur, etc. besides wine is made by traditional qvevri method, filtered on Chacha.
What distinguishes your wine? What is the price?
It’s family, exclusive, aromatic wine and has characteristic taste. We offer our product to various stores, for example you can find us at 8000 vintages, Royal Wine, etc. Price is around 20 GEL.