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Levan Tsaguria to Produce Goat Cheese Using French Technology

Levan Tsaguria to Produce Goat Cheese Using French Technology

Levan Tsaguria produces Goat Cheese in Shalauri by using French technology.

He has currently a goat farm in the village Shalauri. Thus, he produces goat cheese titled “Bona” (that is one of the goats’ name) in collaboration with his wife Sopo Giorgadze by using French technology.

It should be pointed out that the enterprise is home-based. Goat cheese is sold in specialized shops. One kilogram of cheese costs 60 GEL.

As Levan Tsaguria made a statement at Kakheti Information Center (ICK), he started his business activities 7 years ago. By that time he had only one cow that was a gift from his friend.

Since he has learned the way of cow cheese production, he right away purchased goats and built a farm.

“My wife and I about 10 years ago, we decided to purchase a house in Kakheti region. After searching we bought a house in the village Shalauri, which was totally empty. In 2009 we moved to live here. One of my friend gifted me a Swiss breed cow we called “Marleta”.

“Thanks to this cow the house was almost full with the milk. By that time we had no idea how cheese was made. So, I asked a neighbor to teach me the method how to make a cheese at home. Along with I read a lot in the Internet and in books, I conducted experiments.

Then, I attended 40-day course of cheese production in Akhmeta. Additionally, I took a certificate of cheese manufacturer at Telavi Municipal College.

Afterwards, we bought goats and began goat cheese production by using French techniques. Currently we have Swiss breed 12 mother goats, 16 goat kids, and one male goat.

We produce cheese at home-based enterprise. Each cheese approximately 80-100 grams.

Our cheese are sold at special shops “ARISTAEUS” and “Kartuli Kalata” as well as we provide some cafes.

Goat milk is characterized with special taste. Accordingly, the cheese has a special taste and quality as well is really high. It matches really much with fruit and wine.

Our cheese has almost the same taste as French cheese “Protini”. As a result, it is greatly appreciated”, – told Tsaguria to the ICK.

Levan Tsaguria is an architect. He lived in Tbilisi with his wife until he started his business activities in Shalauri.

According to him, in the future he plans to increase production of goat cheese.