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Lamazia- Georgian Startup of Warm Clothes

“3 Children can make a big change for any “well-planned” scenario but at the same time it pushes you to develop more and be open to challenges and become aware that nothing is impossible. All it comes to in the end is the motivation and wish to do it. Tamar Alavidze is the founder of Georgian knit wear brand Lamazia. She talks about the history of her brand.


Tamar, tell us, what was your job before Lamazia?

I am 37 years old and I have 3 children: 8-year old Nina, 3-year-old Kato and a year-old Niko. I have a law education and I have been working in this field for 15 years. I used to be interested in fashion and its history since my early age. I decided to quit my professional field and created a FB blog FashionSnack in 2010.

How did the history of Lamazia start?

Everything started spontaneously. I saw a beautiful sweater in the journal. I bought threads and necessary materials and it took me a month to make a sweater but it came out really beautiful and it was worth it. A lot of people liked it. This is how an idea of making colourful, high quality knit wear was born. We appeared on the market in December, 2016 for the first time.  


Who was working on branding on Lamazia?

I had the name for the brand from the beginning. The word Lamazia is simple and sounds good and has a very positive meaning. The name itself reveals the product. The L version of Georgian letter has a shape of heart, which demonstrates a positive energy we use while creating the product.

Which are your target groups and where can people buy your product?

In the beginning, we had jackets, hats and scarves for women. However, we already added men hats and we are going to have more products for men. At this stage, our products are sold online, via facebook and we have a delivery service.

Why should we buy your product?

Because it will suit on you and what suits on you looks beautiful!