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Kollektiv- The Way from International Relations to Branding Company

Buba Radiani is a graphic designer and few years ago, he refused to continue studying International Relations and chose to study branding field. After Tbilisi Art Academy, he continued his studies in London and gained a lot of work experience. He founded his own company Kollektiv with his friends and the company does not only work locally but on an international level.


Tell us, where did you get an education?

I am Buba Radiani. I graduated from Tbilisi State University with my bachelor in International Relations. I also graduated from Media art faculty at Tbilisi Art Academy. Afterwards, I continued studying in London College of Communication, with my MA Graphic branding and identity with the direction of branding.

What is your profession?

I am a graphic designer. Currently, I work in Tbilisi and London. I am a founder of design studio “Kollektiv” in Tbilisi and I collaborate with company Start Judge Gill in London.

Tells us about your work experiences, where have you been employed?

I used to work in M Group as a designer, as an art architect in Ads company ABK. During my 3 years stay in London, I worked with following design studios: Coley Porter Bell (London), BluemarlinBD (London), Leahy Brand Design (LBD London), Spritz Creative (London), Start Judge Gill (London).


What is your most important start-up or a job?

My current job is a newly launched company, Kollektiv, where we have a lot of interesting projects. We founded the company a year ago however the founders of the company started working on it much earlier.

What are your future plans?

We want to make the company bigger and develop it. Since we don’t collaborate only with local companies, we are planning to enter international markets in the future.