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Ketevan Saqareli – Jewelry Brand Revitalizing Petre Otskheli Works

Ketevan Saqareli is an author jewelry brand and runs under trademark of KS for about one year. The brand unites several collections, including works created by inspiration of Georgian modernist painter Petre Otskheli.

In her interview with the Marketer Ketevan Saqareli, the trademark founder, talks about the brand details, manufacturing technologies and inspiration sources.

15050363_10210231649175259_825743648_nHow did the business idea arise and what products do you offer to customers?

We create works modern, successful, interesting persons, who strive for self-expression and individualism. Jewelry works are created of only precious or semi-precious metals and materials (gold, silver, diamond and so on).

We also use various jewelry techniques and modern technologies with main accents on enamel technique. We create our modern design ornaments based on ancient enamel technology. Popularization of this technology and my 10-year experience in jewelry field have inspired me to develop this brand.

How has inspired Petre Otskheli’s art your works?

Petre Otskheli is my most favorite painter and I learned his art at Theatrical University. I believe he has created unique works from the future world. Regretfully, his art has not been appreciated respectively in Georgia and abroad.

15086168_10210231652295337_586082832_n“I have developed his collection with much caution and love. We have found unique culture niche  for the art of Otskheli. We do not resort to copying his art. We may be a little ambitious, but I feel this and I believe our collaboration will contribute to popularizing the art of  Petre Otskheli.

How can we buy your works?

Currently, a part of collections is ready and is sold in several stores  (DOTS Tbilisi, O,MODA MODA). Collection of Otskheli is a small one and we made works in this collection by pre-orders. In the future our consumers will buy our works in our online stores.


What makes you special from your competitors?

14938176_1287976634598099_7018153080463681223_nWe follow special concept in combination with old and new  tendencies, original design, various expression of enamel technology and quality of products that will withstand the time.

Serial production of enamel technology jointly with modern design also create effect of unexpectedness.

What kind of difficulties have you met and how have you overcome them?

As to difficulties, Georgia is a small market for business development, even more so for luxury segment. Therefore, I and my partner provide purposeful work for the brand’s exports. We want to achieve positioning of our brand abroad as a a good sample of Georgian technology and design.