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Ivy Design- Vintage Startup of Friends

While being interviewed, the designer of Ivy Design  , Mashka Davlianidze admitted that she came up with an idea to name the brand Ivy Design,because her favorite period in art is modernism and Ivy is the symbol of it. The friends basically work on wood to make Ivy Design the way it is.


Mashka, tell us, how did Ivy Design story start?

Before creating Ivy Design, I had quite an experience. I used to make accessories, knitted materials, graphic and etc. Nino Kartvelishvili had some an experience as well. She used to make New Year gifts. The idea of startup was born in Nino’s kitchen and we decided to sell jewel case at flea market and it was successful.  After this, we dared to start working on the furniture as well. 

How do you receive orders and how long does it take to finish it?

We basically receive orders via faceboook, but sometimes they call us on the phone.  We work quite fast, even though everything is hand made. For example, we need 10 days for dinner table and 20 days for buffet.

Did you have an exhibition anywhere else besides flea market?

Our first exhibition took place in 2016 in Expo Georgia at the first international summit of craft and design. We gained the first place at the competition.

What does Ivy Design offer customers?

In terms of service, we offer clients altering all kinds of old furniture the way they want it. We also offer them our own designs of furniture and house accessories.