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Helios Energy Georgia and Alternative Energy Sources in Georgia

Solar panels and wind power stations as an alternative energy source have been discussed for a long time in the world. Owing a private power station means to be able to produce and use necessary energy for free. It is rare to own an energy source independently; however, the demand for it is growing currently.


Helios Energy Georgia is a company which provides the service of testing alternative energy source as well as informing population about the importance of alternative energy sources. Marketer offers the interview about the details of the service with one of the founders of  Helios Energy Georgia, Tornike Darjania.

When did you get interested in this field and when did you create Helios Energy Georgia?

I saw solar panels for the first time in 2006, in Germany. Locals had solar panels in their eco houses as an independent energy source. I read a lot about it to enrich and deepen my knowledge. After panel materials became cheaper, we have a possibility to try to introduce these technologies in Georgia too. I and my friends created a company 2 months ago.


Did someone order for your service during these 2 months and what is the price of having your own power station?

Yes, they did. We install it almost in its original price and the demand is growing. The wind power station costs about 2700 GEL and solar panels cost around 5000 GEL.