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Happy Home Apartments from Pepi an Interior & Exterior Designer

Happy Home Apartments from Pepi an Interior & Exterior Designer

CBW interviewed an Interior & Exterior designer Pepi, decorator of houses, hotels, cafes, and festivals.

Read below what Pepi does in general and what she feels is important in home design.

What an interesting name you have Pepi. Is it your real name a secret?

Pepilot – the part of the public knows me so. From my point of view names and surnames are just formalities and I am always against of it.

What is your profession?

I am Pepi illustrator-animator. I have graduated the Computer Graphics and Media Arts at the Academy of Arts. I have been working on the interior and exterior design for several years although it was less demand in the past, it became too popular by now.

Briefly tell us about your activities?

My regular activity includes interior and exterior design, also several experiments in decorating.

Basically I work more on colorful, creative environment, where I have total freedom to customize the final product.

I work also physically with instruments and accelerating the process as far as possible.

Painting should be also noted that is one of the most effective parts of the interior design and on that I work too attentively.

The process of painting requires the great observation. In general, I do not like working perfunctorily.

Thus, if I am involved in the working process nothing or nobody will ever stop me from doing what I wanna do.

How many people make up your creative team? and from where this idea came from to start this business activities?

The team consists of just me and my assistants. However, sometimes the clients themselves are also becoming my assistants when they are willing to be involved in the interior design process.

I try to explain them everything as easy as possible by giving chance to get the same pleasure as I do.

Mainly I work or have worked in apartments, houses, cafes, hotels and festivals. Overall I work everywhere where my creativity and capable hands are needed.

Do you have anywhere placed an ad? Or how the customer can contact you?

At this stage, through my personal page on Facebook or connections make possible to take orders.

But in September I think venture chamoqalibevuli face of this project and mravaliservisi to add at this point only the design of the mokhatvazedekoratiul goods and electricity applies to my work which, of course does not satisfy me, and more and more I would never again invest in any new ones, creating the

However, in September, I think I will give this project a face and to add a lot of services.

What are you currently working on? And could you tell us about your future plans?

I am working on the flat design that will end by September, and one studio office space. At this point design, painting, decorative items, and electricity are applied to my work. Of course I am not satisfied with all of this, and I want to put more and more every time for the creation of something new.

In parallel with working, I am studying and having trainings at Knauf Service Center. The trainings are related to high standards of constructions which turned out extremely interesting for me. 

I promise to my clients that from September more design innovations are waiting for them.