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GYMer Fitness Application to Reduce Risk of Trauma

Bodybuilding and Fitness application GYMer provides us with visual information how to develop our muscles safely. The application is created by Giorgi Lekveishvili, Sandro Khardzeishvili and Levan Moseshvili. They started recording fitness videos from February 2017 and as a result there are 350 guidance available. Marketer had an interview with one of the founder- Giorgi Lekveishvili.

 What was the motive to create GYMer?
I am a co-founder of ”Mobile Development”company (MPDC), I started to work out few months ago and as a customer I was facing lack of information, I nearly got a trauma while exercising in a wrong way. Then I met Sandro, an athlete and we came up with an idea to create an application in the direction of fitness and bodybuilding, develop global level project. I must note, Snap Fitness Georgia let us film videos in the hall.
How exactly does it help a customer?
First you look up the specific muscle you want to develop. Let’s say biceps or chest muscles. Each exercise includes 3 videos: 1.How to perform an exercise correctly; 2.What’s the wrong way to perform, which movement we should avoid; 3.Graphic effect let us see which parts are working. We also offer premium content where you can access a few-day program by an athlete.

What is an advantage of GYMer comparing to other similar applications?

There was no similar application on the market which would be both for professional and amateur. We reduce the risk of trauma or wrong muscle development by showing them not only right but wrong way too.

What is your strategy to establish yourself on local and global market?

We have statistics of global market, the list of countries where this field is popular lie the U.S, the U.K and Canada,which will be our first target to spread the word about our product. As for marketing strategy, we reach bodybuilding and gym blogs or websites to promote information about us. We will use social network advertising too.

Will  you be updating videos and information in the application, which system is accessible for downloading?

New videos will be constantly added. GYMer is available on iOS system but we are planning to make it accessible for Android and Windows.