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Google’s Partner Georgian Digital Marketing Agency – Alter Way

Digital Marketing Agency Alter Way has established in Georgia in 2014 and although activities began in 2012, starting with the American audience. There are Google’s four partner companies in the region, including Alterway,  which has partnered with Search Engine Marketing (Search) as well as Google Analytics. Marketer had an interview with one of the founder- Giorgi Romanidze:

When did you start working in digital field and based on what experience did you found Alter Way?

We started to work in 2012, we had foreign, various types of project- media , educational, entertainment websites,etc. Users were from the U.S. We had around 50 000 daily loyal ones. There was google adsense installed, placed several dozens of thousand advertisement of various companies and google was generating which ad to show to a specific user based on google search interests. 65% profit was our website’s, 35%- Google.

As for services that we offer to companies now, we learned it by ourselves. We’ve been studying it during 2 years, simultaneously foreign projects, how to support our projects digitally, gained experience and thought-why not, if it’s popular in the U.S and Europe and people get benefits, maybe it will be useful for companies in Georgia too.

Which services do you offer to your customers nowadays? 

We offer all kinds of digital marketing: Social Network Management, optimizing search systems, AdWords, Display and Search, also, Video Advertising. We became partners with Google and get certified in Adword and Google Analytics; We do E-mail marketing as well and try not to do more than digital marketing, as we are specialized in this field. More companies are getting interested in this direction and uses it appropriately. That’s why we wanted to be ready when there would be such demand on market, that’s why we met all the criteria of Google.

Do you plan to expand and add more services? 

We plan to get certified at Google in some other directions too and we would like to be google partners in some other ways as well. We are going to start production after that, as we are aiming to offer full service to our client. So far, when our customers need an advertising video, we have to send them somewhere else, which fact we don’t like. Consequently, we will be in charge of production some time soon.