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Georgian Students Introduce New Startup Application for Travelling Xplore application

A new students’ startup, was launched today, on August 31. Purpose of the application is to unite adventure-seekers in nature and familiarize them with environment.

The application is not designed for only travellers and anybody is able to apply Xplore and plan or seek routes to any desirable direction. The application is applicable for Android smartphones and currently applies only three languages: Georgian, English and Russian. 

Beka Kakabadze, one of the founders of Xplore, talks about the application employment details and its additional functions: 

“Our team unites 6 members: Nika Otiashvili and Guga Katsiashvili – programmers, Achiko Tsereteli and Sandro Mosashvili work on information databases, Tio Gabunia is a graphic artist and I, Beka Kakabadze, am a marketer. Guga goes to university, while all others are classmates. We have graduated a public school in 2017 and chosen various professionals. We keep working in team and take equal participation in taking any decision. 

Our startup follows MPV (minimum viable product) strategy that ensures fastest penetration of market and we believe 18-month job suffice for implementing key functions of the application. 

Marketer: What is the advantage of this application? Which processes does it simplify? 

-Xplore enables to simply plan tours or observe the planned tours around you and join them. You can indicate the direction of a group, the place of meeting and departure along with time. You and your team can better outline the tour details so as other groups could find your group thanks to such filters as time interval, number of team members, directions and so on.