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Mariam Ivanishvili Your Safety

Georgian Student Creates Emergency Medical Service – Your Safety

Georgian student, Mariam Ivanishvili has created Emergency Medical Service called Your Safety, which provides safe, First aid kits from Turkey to Georgia: “Our goal is to raise awareness about labor security and first aid, also equip individual as well as large companies with specific inventory”, Marketer.ge reports

“Our product assists customers to provide timely support to the patients and, therefore, to drive a safe environment in our country,”Founder and Director Mariam Ivanishvili says.

Our company cooperates with “Safety academia”, which mainly works on security and also holds international conferences on primary care.

The kits have international standard sets: OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration; ISO- International Organization for Standardization; ILO- International Labour Organization. However company lets us to comply the kit in accordance with customer’s demand.

“Our provider is First Plus, which operates in Turkey from XX century and produces first aid inventory. Kits are prepacked by its regular standards, but company allows to create own sets by considering specifics of enterprise,”Mariam Ivanishvili notes.