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Georgian Startup-Holo Creates Hologram Advertisement

”Holo” is an advertising company, that transforms PR material into hologram image. According to one of the founder, Nika Berekashvili, he and his friend Sandro Javakhishvili came up with the idea at Hackathon, when searching for a creative way to decorate local bar interior:

After 48 hours of hackathon we decided to use the hologram to apply, but with a total nonprofit -it was for art and simply for beauty. We won with this idea at hackathon too. We were searching for an idea that would be interesting for Georgia, considering using it in architecture and education system. Finally, we decided to go to advertising business. What is Holo; who can use the service?
This is an innovative advertising company, that transforms any PR material into hologram image, which can be placed at various public places or events.
As this technology is new even on global market, we work on devices program part that increases their functionality.
Our target auditory is mostly event companies, average and large businesses. At this stage, we have negotiations with shopping malls, fast food objects, exhibition halls and representatives of state institutions.

What exactly do you offer to your customers?

We offer three types of service: Advertising time at shopping-centers, where there is a high traffic of people; event service- one or more days decoration of events, by using holo and graphic service- creating video and animation and preparing it to place.

What is the advantage of Holo comparing to other event or advertising companies? 

Companies spend a lot of money for the advisement like banners, Lad screens and monitors in the streets. I think, it’s not as impressive as the prices to place your ad there.Our mainc component that distinguishes us from other companies is an unprecedented product in the region- hologram image.