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Georgian Furniture Underground Opens

Four different companies opened Georgian Furniture Underground together at Galaktion Tabidze 3/5. Customers will have an access to ecologically clean furniture and different details of interior which are made in Georgia. There will be production of 16 Georgian companies presented to sell. All companies have different pricing policy but there are enough choices for all kind of customers. 

Why should customer purchase furniture and decorations at your store?

First of all, everything will be Georgian. At the same time, our show room enables customers to meet our designers and order the interior design and furniture they like.

What is your furniture made of?

For example, one of the companies which are presented in our gallery, named Frisk Style makes furniture from different kinds of woods which are later processed.

What are your future plans?

Firstly, we want people to know us and we want to increase our production. In the future, we want to create a space in the gallery for designers, architects and people of different professions to come here and work with our designers.