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Georgian Children to Start Producing Soaps

Georgian children will start producing soaps. The product has already been made as the first sample for the competition “Diamond Challenge”. The author of business idea, freshman student, Mariam Nozadze declared that she is going to the US with her group to attend world’s young entrepreneur’s competition.

I came up with a soup idea to participate in this competition. However, later I decided to start a business with it. It is cheap and it only costs 2000 USD to start the business- said Nozadze.

“The soup base is made of milk, honey and aloe. It is the basic material which is necessary to make the soap. To make it wetter, we add oils and other ingredients “- declared the author of business idea. 

Mariam Nozadze declared that she is working on the project with three youngsters: Levan Jaliashvili, Lana Elbakidze and Nia Kerelashvili.

“These are people with whom I won the project. However, only two of us can get financial support to participate in the competition in the US. Therefore, we are looking for a financial resource to be able to depart to the United States all together”. 

The winners will go to the United Stated on 1th of April to compete with teams from 10 different countries. After they come back, they will start business in Georgia. The soaps will have a shape for Georgian geographical map, Svanuri hat and etc. to promote entrepreneurship for young people.