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Dry Shampoo- a Product Two Friends Discovered in Europe

Young programists, Iulia Tvalabeishvili and Tamta Kirtadze found out about dry shampoo in Europe and they discovered that it does not exist on Georgia market. That’s why they decided to introduce it to Georgian customers and created their own start up.

Tell us about your start up, what kind of production do you offer your customers?

Tamta: We are offering a product which is not very common in Georgia yet. In “Big Cities”, women think it’s a big invention of 20th century.  We came up with our idea after we saw this product in Europe. In few months, we realized that there is not such a product on Georgian market and we decided to change the situation.

We know this product very well and believe that it will be successful. We are not very experienced in this field but we believe we can handle it.


What is dry shampoo and what advantages does it have compared to other shampoos?

Iulia: It is a dry shampoo, which helps to decrease the oil from hair and gives it volume (it gives hair fresh affect without contacting the water). It is a product for oily hair. It includes shampoo. It is very useful when you want rush out from home, when you intensively work out, travel or go trekking or you are at the festival and you cannot wash your hair.

Who will buy the product?

Iulia: Dry shampoo is very convenient for busy women and active mothers. However, men are also active customers of the product.  It is very popular product in Europe and America.

What difficulties did you have?

Iulia: There are difficulties such as misunderstandings about the product in Georgia. Some people think that the product is not hygienic.  We are trying to explain everything about product and its usage with customers.

How big is a demand for the product and where can you buy it?

Tamta: Since the product is not well known in Georgia, it was pretty hard to start selling it. However, the numbers of satisfied customers is increasing very fast. We hope that many people will try our product and will be satisfied with it. Currently, we are selling our production in the social network and we have distributed shampoo only in one saloon.