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MORE™ Studio – Different Attitude and Perspective

Graphic designers, Ruslan Beridze and Zakaria Mesropova moved to MORE™ Studio from advertisement agnecy, Windfor’s. In the studio, they will work on graphic design, visual branding and visual communications where visual aspects are the most important.


How long have you been involved in this field, tell us about your experience…

Zakaria: I have been involved in this field since 2005, right after I finished my first semester at STU. I was so keen that I started learning myself and left university. I have been learning and creating graphic design for 13 years now and I have worked 7 years in advertisement agency Windfor’s. Soon I became an art director and later I moved to my own design department. I was very lucky to be part of this team and I learned a lot there. I met Ruslan at Windsor’s, however I was familiar with his work earlier.

RuslanI have an education in economy but after few years working in this field I realized that I didn’t want to continue my career there and thanks to my illustrations I was employed in the advertisement company Adoffice.  I have been working on the graphic design since 2008.


Why did you decide to create your own studio, how did you realize you were ready for such a challenge?

Zakaria:  We had this idea for a long time, but we managed to register only recently because of our busy work routine.

Ruslan: It was an important factor to analyze the market and make a correct strategic conclusion. Georgian market already had a demand for design and visual branding considering different factors such as: free travel, support of business from government, studying abroad and etc.

Is this your first joint project?

The first complete joint project was a leader food rebranding which included not only visual design but brand concept as well. We have worked on wine etiquettes and created interesting concepts which will be presented at the wine festival this year. We also worked on Orioni visual branding.

How do you stand out from other agencies in design and visual branding, what is your working style?

We have a different attitude and perspective, which means different standards and ambition of achieving more. We have a planned working process and aren’t afraid of fair criticism to each other. Two of us get along perfectly and have an ideal atmosphere in our studio. During different stages of projects, we involve professionals considering project demands.