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Daraia – New Georgian Brand of Minimalistic Clothes

A new Georgian clothes brand DARAIA which appeared in the fashion industry recently is made for women who believe that new style, quality and individuality is important.

The authors of this startup are marketer, Keta Lomidze and actress Tina Aleksishvili, whose alternative perspective of clothes design is not defined by professional designer’s education. However, constant aspiration for fashion and a wish to look for something new inspired them to create a new brand.


What kind of experience do you have in this field and what is your goal?

Tina: At this stage, I’m working on the play and planning to perform in the theatre. I’m  quite familiar with working on the clothes design because theatre included a lot of things: Costumes- clothes, decoration- architecture, art: As a painter is supposed to match the character costumers to the time and era according to the impulse, so is clothes designer supposed to match his design to different styles and diversity considering the fashion.

Keta:In the last few years, I publish magazines: კულინART, XII და Georgia To See. I am also involved in many interesting projects and DARAIA is one of the innovative projects as well. In the last few years, Georgian production is largely supported and promoted. My aim is to make our production high quality and competitive at the international market and I hope DARAIA will become one of the significant startups in the fashion industry.


Where do you sew DARAIA products, which materials do you use for it and what processes are you involved in?

DARAIA products are made in Georgia by professional constructors and tailors. Their role in this business is really crucial. As for the material, in this case, the name of the brand is just symbolic. It is the most important for us that the fabric is natural and high quality and this includes all the materials, not only silk. Before we have the final version of the product, we focus on every detail and consider each other’s opinions, however the duties are divided.


How is your brand unique and different from other Georgian clothes brands?

We believe that nowadays Georgian market is diverse in the fashion field, it is different and original.  When it comes to competitiveness, our biggest advantage is a good quality and natural material for products.