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Creating Anemone We Spread Love – Store of Live Plants by Ani and Gio

Anemone is the name of a flower. According to one of the meanings, this name signifies the first breeze of spring.

“Spring has brought pleasant novelty and happiness to us and we want to spread love by creating Anemone environment”, Ani Arveladze, a 26-year-old sociologist, noted, who has created a store-saloon of live plants jointly with her beloved person Giorgi Ubiria, doctor-radiologist.

In her interview with the Marketer.ge Ani Arveladze talks about how the idea grew into a store of live plants.

-How did you create Anemone? 

-We had traveled to many countries and having seen green yards and balconies, we had the desire to have more green spaces in our city. However, specific idea arose, when we guessed from our personal experience that we needed similar space near our home.

In spring, after 4-year relationship, we decided to start a family life. The residential environment of Your House on Jikia turned out a wonderful case. In summer, competition was announced among residents – the most beautiful balcony. The competition’s key criterion was to identify the most original and artistic balcony in our residential complex.

All these factors have considerably encouraged us to make our favorite balcony more picturesque. We decided to have the first plant, then we bought a pot, soil, chain and so on.

Despite our enthusiasm, this process turned out very tiring. We had to go to various far locations to buy pots for our balcony. After this the idea came to arrange a place, where everything would be for creating the green space, near our house, where plants could be replanted to a desirable pot and place corresponding plants at the balcony.

We shared our idea and intention to a very comfortable team of our residential complex. Our visions coincided with each other and we unveiled Anemone on October 1, at Ana Politkovskaya Street, at the commercial space of Your House on Jikia residential complex.

-Which segments does Anemone make focus on and which channels do you use to communicate with your clients?

-Naturally, first of all, our target audience consists of residents of our residential complex, because all of them have balconies that require arrangement works. However, we plan to expand the circle of our clients and reach all people, who love nature and plants. As to communication with consumers, at this stage, we mainly use Facebook resources.

-How do you provide Anemone with due products and how do you sell your products?

-At this stage, we import plants from the Netherlands and then sell in pots. We are eager to establish the tradition of gifting flowers in pots. To this end we use a slogan – Gift in Pot. Anemone products are sold both at the store and in social media and by delivery services.

-Who are united in the team of Anemone?

-Our team consists of two persons, I and Giorgi. However, many other good persons support us and this factor stimulates us very much to develop our business and create new directions. At this stage, we spent our whole resources and motivation on Anemone. I personally meet consumers and care for plants. Giorgi continues working by his profession, however, we jointly plan future plans and development phases and in the near future he plans to continue dissemination of love in Anemone.