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Crafting Center 23- Dream Workplace of 3 Friends

Crafting Corner 23 unites the shop, workplace and cafe together in one area. The idea belongs to 3 friends: Giorgi, Saba and Mikheil. They wanted to create a space where they would have their works as well as others, where people could purchase hand-made items and spend time together. The friends renewed places for shop themselves and opened them in Sololaki, Asatiani and Tabidze streets. One of the founders of Crafting Corner 23, Saba Mezvrishvili talks more about the shop.

What do you offer to the customers?

We sell accessories, toys, house decorations, lights and even handmade furniture. We easily answer to the problematic question: “What should I give her as a present?”. There is some warmth in all our items we create, because people who make it create it with love. Sometimes, we make a joke that we are Santa Claus gift shop.

How did you come up with an idea to start the business?

All of us love creating some different items during our free time. This has become more than hobby later, because we were really good at it. This is how creating fairytale space idea was born, which is known today as Crafting Corner 23. We opened it on 23th of July, 2016.


How are you different and unique from other cafe-shops?

There was not a shop like this before. They only sold the accessories. However, at our shop salon-cafe, you can also enjoy drinks and spend a nice evening with friends. From time to time, we organize events and presentations. 

How is it possible to order items at your shop?

Our customers are able to see the items we make or they can order what they want in advance. It was quite hard for the customer to find something they really like, because sometimes there are many details to it and it is necessary that several people work on it together. We offer group work to our customers and therefore, we can focus on many details and make it exactly the way customer wants to.


What are your future plans and expectations? 

As for our future plans, our production will be presented on Bulbuli Market, which will be organized on 24th of December, in the cultural center of “Muza”. We will also be involved in the event organized by Tbilisi City Hall from 25 December till 2nd of January. We are also going to expand and we have a potential for it.