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Chaqafutlet – Chaqafuli as Croquette and Katy&Acho Cooking Project

Katy&Acho Cooking is a video project by Archil Zambakhidze and his spouse Ketevan Papava. They launched the project in 2014. Archil is a lawyer by profession, Keti is an economist and both of them work by profession.


However, love of culinary has inspired them to develop a very interesting project. They organized a studio in the kitchen and started shooting video clips due to the existing recipes and invented new ones.

Their menu comprises such original names as: Chicken Hangover, Chaqafutlet, Boldog and so on. In a short period, video clips attracted hundreds of gourmands.

They were shooting cooking process without doubles, despite neither Acho nor Keti have passed special trainings in culinary. Anyway, their video culinary clips have deserved confidence in audience.

Love of culinary and adherence to Jamie Oliver activities led the couple to  NGO (Food Revolution Community). They wrote to the organization that they wanted to become the organization members and foster dissemination of healthy food ideology.

In response they received a questionnaire, they filled it out and became official envoys of the organization in Georgia. They started shooting videos and preparing monthly articles and fulfilling various assignments after that.


“Joy is our style and we make joyful videos. Culinary is our hobby. We want to deliver our message to everybody that it is not necessary to be a chief to make yummy dishes and there is nothing difficult to make delicious meals. On the contrary, this is simple and even necessary! Health of ours and our children depends on ourselves and we should not let health of anybody to worsen by Junk Food. We should receive maximally healthy and clean food. For example, hamburger is healthy, but not at fast food restaurants, but at home. One of our slogans says: You Are What You Eat!” Archil told us.


The couple has also published a book named as “Culinary as Hobby”. The book includes 33 delicious recipes. The book presentation was held at Lisi Lounge on September 21, where Keti and Archil prepared dishes on the spot. The main advantage of the book is that each recipe indicates full time for cooking and expenditures and this factor considerably simplifies the guardsman’s mission.

Here we also introduce a joyful video, where the couple cooks Chaqafuli in he form of Croquette. The couple has named the dish as Chaqafutleti.