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Burgio- From “Wandering Around business” to Burger Bar

One year ago, a car riding in the streets started to sell burgers in Tbilisi. This business was initiated by married couple from Moskov, Giorgi Zlobin and Valeria Giachagte.

This year, their “wandering” start-up turned into a bar, which offers homemade delicious products to the customers.  Giorgi Zlobin talks about how they started the business and which difficulties they had to overcome in order to achieve the success.


How did you start your business?

Last Spring, we started to sell the burgers by car. Soon, we discovered that according to the law, we could not have a moving business, therefore, in spite of our big effort; we had to stop the business. We stopped in front of Dive Bar and we started to make burgers at the weekend. We have a very good memory about this period. We met a lot of nice and interesting people and received a good reputation, because we prepared the burgers with local ingredients.


How did you manage to turn “Burgio” from moving fast food to the bar?

One year later, we found a small place for our restaurant in Sololaki, on Amagleba street,#8. After having found an investor, we started to do repairments and 3 months later on 26th August, we had a huge opening ceremony. We had a great experience. I learned a lot about workers, different materials, electricity and canal systems. At present, I work as an accountant and supervising the company at the same time. I also establish new connections and experiments for ingredients.

What are the difficulties you have to overcome when you want to open a burger bar in Tbilisi?

It is easy to start a business in Georgia, but it is a different matter to maintain it and make it real. Dealing with deadlines is maybe the biggest problem in Georgia.

What special services do you provide for your customers?

We have a very simple and small menu, which allows us to focus on details.  At the same time, we change the weekly offers and we bake the bread ourselves, prepare potatoes and the most delicious bacon. We also have homemade pickles. We also make Craft Beer and from today we will start to sell IPA as well.


What are your expectations and future plans?

We have big plans for the future, but we will keep it as a secret. Most importantly, we will introduce new initiatives and we are not going to stop! The ones, who want to start their own business but they have some obstacles, I would give a piece of advice: Start your business and work hard!

Burgio- From  “Wandering around business” to Burger Bar