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Blush Handmade Purses- Another Georgian Startup

Blush handmade purses is a new startup which was founded by two friends Lela Shaburishvili and Salome Lomidze. In the interview with Caucasus Business Week, founders revealed more details about their startup and the story behind it.


Tell us about yourself, how did you come up with an idea to create the brand, who are the founders and etc.

Brand was created by us, two friends Lela Shaburishvili and Salome Lomidze. We are interior designers and quite established in this field and we came up with an idea during our trip. We started working on the brand as soon as we came back to Tbilisi.

Where do you create the production and how many people work in this field?

In the beginning, we sewed ourselves but soon we hired a tailor who is very good at what she does. A month ago, we added another one. Currently, we are only 4 people working for the brand.


How did public react to the appearance of your brand and who is your target group?

People reacted to the appearance of our brand very positively and our customers are basically young girls and boys. However, I think people of any age can wear our purses.

What is the current situation in Georgia in terms of supporting startups and what are the obstacles you have to overcome?

Recently, I have seen many new companies which promote and support startups however, we didn’t participate in any event yet.


There is quite big competition at the accessories and clothes market. How do you position your brand and what is necessary for the success?

We are trying not to copy anything from others. We are creating models which we like ourselves and would wear them. We focus on quality as well. We think for a long time about the new model, its shape, colour and little details. In the beginning, we sew the first model few times and after that, we provide our customers with the final result.