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23 Years Old Start-up European Standard Honey Winnie

23 years old Besik Ekseulidze, Political Sciences Student runs startups and organizations like: UpworkCDI and mitargmne.  Honey Winnie is his new startup, which produces European standard honey, following all sanitary rules. Its first goal is to produce Georgian natural honey and honeycomb, then move forward to export Winnie products. Marketer had an interview with Besik.:


How did you come up with an idea to launch honey enterprise?

I had this idea since 2010, when I was a student and I have written a lot of work on the development of beekeeping in Georgia. I just got an opportunity to make my idea come true by support of ”the Entrepreneurial Skills,Employment and Income Generation Support Project in Georgia” (Yes Georgia).

What does it mean to produce Georgian natural honey and honey flakes with European standards?

Unfortunately, there are cases when honey is made by sugar, and the bees are served by preparations that are often dominated in the product during honey testing. If a bee produces honeycomb itself, it’s going to take the same amount of time like to produce one kilogram honey. That’s why honeycomb is prepared by a beekeeper which is mostly made by paraffin, containing unhealthy substances. Today, many people think that the labeled honey is falsified and honey is mainly bought from beekeepers based on acquaintances, which is not very safe as they might prepare a product without considering rules. We are trying to follow the standards as much as possible. We use the corresponding wax of the EU standards and we produce honey in all the sanitary sorts.

Where is Winnie Enterprise, by which criteria did you select the location?

The enterprise is located in Marelisi, in the village where my family used to be involved in beekeeping since 1985. This area has natural resources which is important to produce high quality honey. We have some of the beetles  in the mountains, away from the village. This is one of the main priorities, since the bees receive the substances from the populated areas, which are already damaging the quality of the honey.

Who is employed at enterprise, what kinds of honey can be purchased and where do you sell the product? 

4 beekeepers work at the enterprise, 3 of the are young locals. At this stage, honey can be purchased at Meidan Market. Tourists are regular customers. Starting from September, it will be available at online-store. We have a free courier service covering all Tbilisi. Also, the product will be placed at honey stores.