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21 Year-Old Startup Karenina – Book Cover Bags

21 year-old student, Nini Karelidze produces wood bags since 2016. What makes ”Karenina” bags distinguished is that, it has a book cover.

She sells her product online, through social network. Besides Georgian costumers, it also attracts foreigner’s attention.

”It used to be my hobby and decided to make business out of it. Everything is handmade. I have a laser-cutter, which helps me to process wood, I use leather for hanger and felt for lining. Production is quite firm, and I’ve never received any complaint.

As for the capital for business, I participated in the project – start business for Fablab. It helped me a lot to take a start, and I started to re-invest on next stages. There are a lot of projects nowadays, that support amateurs,”-says Nini Karvelidze.

She also mentioned issues of small business in the country.

”It’s easy to start small business.Although, it’s getting harder when you intent to expand.

I plan to make a stand starting from September, not to be depended only online sales. My bags price is varied from 90 to 120 GEL.”- says Nini to Commersant.