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Color Up Georgia – Maps that Make Your Travel Memories Visible

Scraping maps is a fun and motivating way to mark places you’ve visited on the map. Not so long ago, company ”Color Up Georgia” issued a special edition, where you can track your progress specifically on Georgian site. CBW had an interview with Tornike Zhorzholiani, founder of Color Up Georgia: …

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Georgian Startup COCOnut Helps you to Create Romantic Atmosphere

As it seems, inspiration can be anywhere, whether when you walk to a grocery store it can be the beginning of your business story. Founder of COCOnut Irakli Kobauri shared his story with CBW how married couple started their startup by seeing a coconut from different perspective:  Tell us a little bit …

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ART UP Gallery – Streets as a New Platform for Artists

Street is a powerful platform for reaching the public. Art Up Gallery founders know that public space allows artists to reach much broader audience than traditional galleries normally allow. Founder of the project Levan Geliashvili Eredeli discussed about supporting digital art and artists in Georgia with CBW: Please tell us …

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Otaku Life- the First Georgian Magazine about Japanese Pop Culture

Japanese pop culture, in the form of anime, manga and other media, is highly popular all over the world today, and Georgia is among them. Although, there was no available information for Georgians on native language, only until young anime-lovers created both magazine and digital source: tokyo.ge. CBW had an interview with …

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Saving the Soul- Deeper Insight to First Georgian Animated Comics

Georgia is not spoiled with local animation, while Archivarius team took an initiative to create a whole new animated universe titled Saving the Soul, following three different narrators. George Badashvili, founder of ”Archivarius Studios” unveils challenges of producing digital motion comics with CBW: Tell us about Archivarius Studios’ projects and …

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Traveller Youtube Vloggers Share their Experience in Georgia

Travel vlogs become popular day by day. It’s always interesting to take a look of people’s experiences before heading to a new country, as it’s more lively, real and interesting. Here are some youtubers who shared their experience in Georgia, and each of them are unique. Indigo Traveller  Nick is …

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Tbilisi Open Air 2018 – Three Days Lost in Wonderland

It’s been three long and colorful days and nights of Open Air music festival that got us sleep debt, but it was worth it. This year’s Tbilisi Open Air was distinguished with its even more diversity, meeting almost any kind of music lovers’ requirements taking place at Lisi Wonderland featuring …

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Rector Mikheil Batiashvili from BTU on Using Tools of the Future

Mikheil Batiashvili

Silicon Valley Tbilisi is the first private high-tech center that combines a business and technology university with multi-million international employment platforms, a business incubator and accelerator, tech hubs, an IT Academy, and above all, carries out projects that enhance awareness of the country worldwide and demonstrate potential on global markets. …

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