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Tiflis Palace and Tiflis Veranda Offer Novelties To Their Guests

Tiflis Palace and Tiflis Veranda welcomed the summer season in a renewed state. After 3 months of renovations, both the hotel and the Tiflis Veranda restaurant received a makeover. For the tourist season they will return to the customers more sophisticated and cozy.

The hotel has a renewed interior with calmer tones and rich style.

As a result of renovations, the design of rooms changed as well, it became cozier and comfort-oriented for guests. The renewed Tiflis Palace offers its guests 43 rooms.

Together with the change of design, a new and important detail was added to all rooms – letters of the Georgian alphabet, which is another illustration for the foreign guests that Georgia is a country with an ancient and unique writing system.

As we have already mentioned, Tiflis Palace is fully oriented on needs and requirements of its guests. This is highlighted by the fact that the hotel has orthopedic matrasses of high quality. And most importantly, here every guest can have a pillow “menu” and choose a comfortable pillow for themselves.

As to the Tiflis Veranda restaurant, there is a lot of new both in the interior design and menu. If you wish to impress the person you love or your foreign guests, you have to invite them to this restaurant.

In Tiflis Veranda, the taste of any country will be created for you by the chef and pastry-cook specially invited from Turkey. They will prepare dishes and desserts according to special recipes and will impress each guest with their creativity.

You will not find such dishes or desserts anywhere else, as here every detail is prepared with love and to your taste.

Small details of Tiflis Veranda renewed interior design present the history of Tbilisi and its symbols, which is especially interesting for foreign guests. For example, the entrance to the restaurant is decorated with a large painting of Old Tbilisi made by a Georgian artist specifically for Tiflis Veranda.

Here you will also find an illustration of the Vakhtang Gorgasali hunting scene made by a Georgian illustrator and accompanied by the legend of how Tbilisi was founded. This highlights Tbilisi’s historical past and ancient culture.

On the terrace of Tiflis Veranda you will find new decorative frames with photos of historical monuments surrounding the restaurant. Photos are accompanied with a short description and history of the corresponding monument. Visiting Tiflis Veranda, you get an unforgettable panoramic excursion, where you not only see beautiful views of the Old Tbilisi, but also receive important information about all historical monuments and the city in general.

So, if you want to spend some time in a pleasant environment, enjoy amazing views and culinary masterpieces, you really have to visit Tiflis Veranda, especially since during the hot summer days here you will be treated to various lemonades, milk shakes, and ice coffee prepared at the restaurant.

And if your guests or international partners would like to stay at a comfortable and cozy hotel, you can advise Tiflis Palace and be sure that the staff will create an ideal environment for them.