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Property Georgia becomes an official representative of FONTANA GRANDE in Georgia

Property Georgia becomes an official representative of FONTANA GRANDE in Georgia

FONTANA GRANDE, world-Class Italian Architectural design and consultancy company, is launching a representation in Georgia.

Renowned Italian brand with over 20 years of experience, launches official partnership with Property Georgia, number one Georgian property guide portal www.propertygeorgia.ge. FONTANA GRANDE has earned trust of many of clients through the consolidated relations with design studios in many parts of the world. In Georgia, for interested real estate development companies Property Georgia will arrange B2B meetings and introduce brand/company/services and cooperation steps in details.

From the proposal of single interior design elements to the offer of consultancy and design for the turnkey delivery of wide-scale complexes, FONTANA GRANDE provides a wide range of interesting proposals.

Teams of architects and designers, decorators, and craftsmen aided by a streamlined and efficient support structure are amply capable of recreating the ambience and environment that have made “Made In Italy” the point of reference for designers around the world.

Choosing FONTANA GRANDE means being able to rely with assurance on one partner to do the complete job and perform unique work in terms of styling and technique, dedicating painstaking attention to each detail in every phase of the project while optimizing the time and resources available.

The company’s portfolio comprises of various implemented flagship projects like luxury villas, upscale and midscale residential real estate, contemporary office centers, brand hotels, restaurants, modern galleries, Opera House, musical theatre, aqua parks, etc. Company has successfully implemented projects in  Italy, London, Baku, Astana, Miami, etc.


FONTANA GRANDE is the synthesis of over 20 years of experience acquired by Corrado Dalla Fontana and John and Anthony Grande in developing and delivering architectural design projects and supplying furnishing and décor from the best names in Italy.


Full Scope of Services

We provide forms of expression for your desires – Every job is the result of a precise procedure that starts with enthusiasm, close relationships, synergy, and operations coordinated to the finest detail.

Your needs and desires – We’ll be happy to get together with you to learn more about what you want. We invite you to check the quality of our work firsthand and reassure yourself that you have chosen the right partner.

Preliminary analyzes

Transforming dreams into real plans. We examine the environmental context, the style, the most appropriate technologies, and the budget before we provide you with an initial prospectus that defines the ideal dynamics and resources to be applied for the development of the opportunity.

Building the team

We make sure to choose the right people: every project has its own technical specifications and personality that make it unique. For this reason, we’ve created a network of professionals, craftsmen, and companies over the years that allows us to combine the best of “Made In Italy” standard production with veritable works of art of startling beauty and hand-crafted originality.


Concept, design, and workflow – After defining the style and design, we appoint the team, schedule the dynamics, and structure the road to development along every step until final delivery.


The project shifts into executive phase. Our sole project manager coordinates the team and the synergies established with local contractors. You decide whether you wish to be involved in each phase of the project or simply wait to be amazed by the final, breathtaking result.

Interior design and finishing

The long working relationship we’ve established with the best Italian brands and craftsmen means that there are no limits to your desire. Not only in terms of objects of furnishing and décor, but also a virtually unlimited choice of finishes and décor produced by master Italian craftsmen, with the overall effect masterfully coordinated as the crowning of the project.

Delivery and furniture developments

We await the delivery of each project to the client with excitement. We know that what might be the end of a job for others can be the start of another new road for us, an occasion to develop further projects and the expansions and/or renovations required to meet changing customer wants and needs over time.

Projects Implemented:

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Please kindly contact FONTANA GRANDE representation office in Georgia:


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Editorial Director

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