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Olga Solovey: Ukrainian Market is Currently Attractive to Venture Investors Only

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Olga Solovey, URE club

Please give your opinion on the region’s investment attractiveness and name market segments particularly attractive to foreign investors these days.

Ukraine ranks 131 in the BDO International Business Compass (IBC) 2018, climbing 3 places in the ranking of investment attractiveness compared to the previous year. Our major problem is the lack of foreign capital. In addition, the market volume is not at its highest level. Unfortunately, no company in Ukraine owns a big real estate portfolio these days. Therefore, for big foreign investors, there is nothing to buy here. Ukrainian market is currently attractive to venture investors only. Soon enough, developer companies, like Ceetrus, will definitely come to Ukraine. They will be followed by investment funds. When it comes to market segmentation, the most attractive targets for investors include office and hotel real estate in Kyiv, as well as retail real estate in the regions.

How do international industry-specific events help to attract investment to the region?

Taking part in international industry-specific events helps to get in touch with potential investors, develop the region’s investment image, and promote specific projects. However, the most important thing is that you can compare your own region with other countries and cities and adopt the best practices they use to attract investors.