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Multifunctional GreenHill Residence Complex to Launch in April 2018

GreenHill is a multifunctional residential complex, and as the company’s representatives say, it is distinguished by the strength of the buildings and the ecologically clean environment.

Magi Sarishvili (Head of Sales and Marketing of GreenHill): This is a multifunctional complex comprising both residential and office and commercial spaces, covering 4 blocks. Out of this, one building – 22-storey (offices on the first 6th floor, apartments starting from the 7th floor), two 11-storey and 14 floors.

The area of ​​the complex will unite a  gym, supermarket, kindergarten, pharmacy and other objects necessary for everyday life. Each block has one entrance that is equipped with a fire protection system and is adapted for people with disabilities. As for parking, we have more than 100 parking lots in the yard area, which is meant only for our residents. The apartments are covered with green carcasses, which only requires interior and cosmetic works. If you wish, we offer full repairs to the tenants. The complex will be launched in April 2018.

GreenHill Residence is meant for medium and high income segment. GreenHill covers 33 500 m2. Out of this, 10 000 m2 is a recreation zone where children’s playground, pitch, resting places and bicycle paths will be located. The complex has a landscape designer who will construct premises in accordance with all rules and regulations. Besides, the area is naturally green.