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Developers Should not Spare Funds for Construction Safety Norms

In his interview with the Business Morning Irakli Kilauridze, director general of Colliers International Georgia, talks about positive and negative tendencies on Georgia’s real estate market.

He made emphasis on construction safety norms and their improvement mechanisms. Construction works supervision is one of the key directions for Colliers, Kilauridze noted.

“We are supervising several major construction projects in Georgia. We understand very well what safety norms runs today in Georgia and how they can be improved. The private sector and the regulator body should agree that money should not be spared in this sector, because we talk about human lives. There is no compromise admissible. Construction safety norms should be protected to improve development quality. Naturally, this is not difficult, we should just implant simple disciplines and no much expenditures are required either. Developers and investors should not think that this will rise their expenditures and construction costs will increase”, Irakli Kilauridze said. 

The key issue is a properly selected team, which will protect safety norms. Major international finance institutions are key customers of Colliers and they request that construction supervision satisfy international standards, Kilauridze said. 

“Developers realize gradually that construction supervision is a useful and worthy component, because the supervision comprises not only control, but our team also frequently provides many good recommendations to improve their projects, cut costs or shorten project implementation terms”, Kilauridze said.