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Building Code Calls for Certification of Architects

Union of Architects of Georgia is considered to act as an architects certifying body. The organization chairman David Abuladze told Business Course that the union has already prepared a due legislative package.

“We have prepared huge works on certification issues. In 2009-2011 we have tested the whole process of certification scheme, but its practical implementation was retarded and the process of building code adoption wasdelayed”, Abuladze explained. 

“Professional society should carry out this certification process. In case of corruption, the certifying body will commit suicide, in practice, because certifying unqualified bodies will create problems to the certifying body itself”, he added. 

We remind you that the building code bill calls for introduction of architects certification system. The document was submitted by Ministry of Economy to the Parliament in November 2016. The document does not specify, which office should issue certificates.