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Public Education Workers Get the Lowest Salaries

According to the third quarter data, the highest salaries are recorded  in the financial sector and the lowest –  in the area of education.

An average monthly salary of hired employees  amounts to GEL 850.8  that is 6% higher compared to the third quarter of last year.

The highest salary of GEL 1384.4 was  recorded in the financial sector,  a salary in the mining sector amounted to GEL 1 336, while on the third place is the transport and communications sectors – GEL 1 102.3.

The lowest average salaries were recorded in the education sector and amounted to GEL 440.3.

The average salary of the employed women totals GEL 630.2. According to the types of activities, the highest salary of GEL 1 122.4 was recorded in electric power sector,  GEL 1 079.1 –   in the financial sector and  GEL 976.1-  in  the state administration.

The lowest salary of the employed women in the amount of  GEL 384.7 was  recorded in the fishing and fisheries.

The average salary of men in the 3rd quarter of 2014 amounted to  GEL 1 030. According to the activities,  the highest salaries were in the financial sector (GEL 1 846.9),– in the mining industry (GEL 1 380.9)  and the construction (GEL 1 204.4).

While the lowest salary men get  in a field of education – GEL 525.1.
According to CEO and  Founder at Economic Education and Strategic Research Center Keti Krialashvili, it’s natural that the financial activities are  one of the most highly paid, however, the attention should be paid to average wages of the state administration.

In her words, today the state is the largest employer that indicates underdevelopment  of the private sector in the country.

At the same time, Krialashvili notes  that the public sector has increased the number of employees that led to a decline in the unemployment rate and the labor compensation (bonuses and salary supplements).

As for the education sector, she adds  that teachers represent the largest percentage of employees here and the biggest percentage fall on them, respectively, their salaries are low. That is why the education sector salaries are so low.