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What hurts?

What Hurts? – More than 16 000 Citizens Take Part in Social Survey

More than 16 000 citizens of Georgia have taken part in the first stage of the social survey “What Hurts?” This is a joint project of the Georgian Health Ministry and Global Alliance consulting company.

The campaign started on January 25 to inquire citizens at regional healthcare centers and this stage has finished. The campaign is to help the Health Ministry precisely determine the medical needs in the society.

The project aims to precisely determine the expectations and needs of the Georgian population and to expand communication with the society, Georgian Health Minister David Sergeenko said.

This is not only a survey about problems. This is a public evaluation about where they see gaps, what they like, who they worry about. Based on these results, we will sort and resolve all problems”, David Sergeenko noted.

“The survey results will enable us to make our visions and approaches more realistic for improving the sector and to  develop more realistic plans for the Ministry for resolving the existing challenges”, Global Alliance President Jean-Elie Malkin noted.

The social initiative “What DO You Worry About” still continues on the website www.1505.ge . The survey results will be summarized at the end of March and an official report will be introduced to the Georgian society.

Global Alliance, an international consulting group led by Bernard Couchner, the former Foreign Minister and triple Health Minister of France, is providing consultations to the Georgian Health Ministry for the system improvement.

The prepared projects call for reorganizing the primary health system, increasing the cost-efficiency, upgrading medical service and access to medications, integrating with  the European healthcare norms and legislation and establishing European standards of management.

AT this stage, the document is being translated into Georgian. To this end the Government has extended the agreement with Global Alliance up to May 1, 2016.