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Andrey Kuzma

Humanity-Georgia Imports More Medications on the Market

Andrey Kuzma, director general of Humanity Georgia pharmaceutical company, noted that in the near future the company will import additionally 20 new medications.

“In the near future we will import 200 new medications in addition; naturally these drugs will be sold at much affordable prices compared to their analogues. I am sure in the course of time Georgian citizens will genuinely make sure that medication prices have declined”, Andrey Kuzma told the Commersant.ge news portal.

Humanity Georgia keeps partnership relations with the market players. Almost all pharmacy networks main open to Humanity Georgia products.

“I hope this policy of openness will be maintained in the future too and no unacceptable forms of relationships such as artificial restriction or concealment of medications will take place in these networks.

Naturally, we provide active work with doctors and the whole society in this direction to make them aware of pharmacological properties of our medications to eradicate any ground for skepticism.

Our objective is to prove that high-quality and efficient medication should not be necessarily expensive. Medications must be affordable to everyone”, Kuzma noted.

The Authorities are said to be assisting Humanity Georgia and your medications are registered faster and so on. What would you tell your opponents?

We follow the existing legislation. The argument that our medications are registered faster points to professional operation of our team and this is the best appraisal of our team. This signifies that we respect the Georgian legislation and perfectly carry out the preparatory works for registration.

Our company maintains wonderful relations with the Health Ministry. I assure you that the current Minister and his team are doing their best to improve many aspects in the health system and to make services and products affordable for the Georgian population without negative impact on medication quality.

The fact is that the Health Minister is the first official in Georgia and the whole Caucasus Region who have laid a foundation for forming favorable environment for lowering medication prices. Even currency volatility could not frustrate this process, Andrey Kuzma said.