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Humanity- Georgia Gives Humanitarian Aid to Medical Center of Georgian Patriarchate

The medical center of the Georgian Patriarchate has received a humanitarian aid from Humanity Georgia.

Namely, the company has transmitted cardiologic and antibiotic drugs to patients of the Patriarchate’s medical center.

Top-quality medications imported by Humanity Georgia will soon appear at the contractor pharmaceutical networks in the near future. Before, the company plans to supply a certain volume of wide-use medications in the form of humanitarian aid to central clinics and medical centers that treat socially unprotected citizens.

“Our visit to the medical center of the Georgian Patriarchate is a continuation of this cycle. Last week we held the similar action at the Republican Hospital”, the company director general Andrey Kuzma said.

„The medications that we have transmitted to the medical center of the Georgian Patriarchate, as well as all medications imported by Humanity Georgia, are manufactured at the best pharmaceutical factories that own EU GMP certificates and they have also passed serial quality control at the laboratories certified by the World Health Organization. We basically import medications against chronic diseases that are necessary for patients and we believe our humanitarian aid will alleviate the condition to the patients who have vital need in our medications”, Andrey Kuzma said.

Lali Vacharadze, the head of the medical center of the Georgian Patriarchate pointed out the humanitarian aid is considerable contribution and support.

“We are deeply grateful. We will hand over these medications to our patients jointly with due prescriptions and this support may be of vital importance for many patients”, Lali Vacharadze noted.

According to the existing information, Humanity Georgia is carrying out medications storage works in intense regime. At the next stage, the company will supply medications to the contractor pharmaceutical networks. The main advantage of our medications, besides high quality, is the fact prices of these medications are far lower compared to its analogues on the Georgian market, Andrey Kuzma said.

Humanity Georgia is a dynamically growing company that has entered the Georgian market with ambitious plans. The objective of the company is supply affordable, safe and top-quality products to the Georgian market, Andrey Kuzma added.

At the first stage, the company will import about 250 varieties of medications with EU GMP certificates at affordable prices. Moreover, the company follows ambitious plans in the field of domestic pharmaceutical production. Namely, the company plans to invest 130 million USD in constructing a ultramodern pharmaceutical factory in Georgia and the factory will have a laboratory with quality control certificate of the World Health Organization (WHO).