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Humanity Foundation Transmits 78 000 USD Oncologic Drugs to Hematology Center Patients

Recently- established Humanity Foundation has carried out its first charity campaign and transmitted a humanitarian aid of  Newbortez medications worth  78 000USD to M. Zodelava Hematology Center.

Sesili Gogiberidze, the Humanity foundation director, noted that the Foundation was established for popularizing the idea of humanity, mutual assistance and sympathy and philanthropy.

“Jointly with friends we decided to set up a foundation, because we believe the humanity impulses that prevail in our society should be kindled in our complicated time to make these impulses into one big goodness. Humanity foundation is a noncommercial organization and our objective is to promote each member of our society to maximally expose and unveil this positive human nature and reflect it in specific affairs and transform it in goodness in relation to specific people.

We will try to involve the whole society in this undertaking of kindness and humanity. Humanity and goodness are genuinely inspiring and encouraging aspects and we pretend to make our contribution to this process.

We have ambitious plans and goals. We will cooperate with everybody who gives priority to the idea of humanity. We live in humanist society and I believe our undertaking will have much support.

I am very glad that our foundation has carried out such important and successful campaign. I express my deep gratitude to Humanity Georgia pharmaceutical company for such carefulness and attention to our undertaking, because this company has allotted large-scale humanitarian resources from its own reserves. The oncologic preparations that Humanity Georgia has transmitted our foundation will achieve the addressees and I believe these medications will considerably alleviate their conditions of our patients in terms of healthcare recovery and material resources.

I would like to express hopes that in the near future many other supporters and assistants will support Humanity Foundation and we will make many good things thanks to joint efforts”, Sesili Gogiberidze told the news conference.

Transmission of these humanitarian preparations to patients through this humanitarian channel will be serious alleviation and support for patients, Nino Sharashenidze, a representative of M. Zodelava Hematology Center, said.

“I would like to express my deep gratitude to organizers of this campaign. Every similar step strengthens the hope in patients and their families that they will not be lefty face to face with their problems. Similar support and creating positive psychological background to the patients is very important in the recovery process. These very important medications that we have received under the humanitarian campaign will be handed over to the patients under prescriptions through PharmaDepot pharmacy that is located in the building of our clinic. I would like to thank the PharmaDepot administration that they have assumed the responsibility for valuably storage and issuance of these medications”, Nino Sharashenidze said.

Corporate social responsibility and, in general, the idea of humanity is a priority direction and even our company appellation reflects this aspiration, Humanity Georgia pharmaceutical company director general Andrii Kuzma said.

„I would like to wish much success to Humanity foundation and personally Mrs. Sesili Gogiberidze in this timely and necessary undertaking. I am glad that we have the opportunity  to take part in this kind campaign. I personally guarantee to support Humanity Foundation every time in all activities”. Andrey Kuzma said.