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GMP to Manufacture Medications in Germany

GMP will continue production of medications abroad. The company has signed a new agreement with German company WeltPharma.

Omesam, i.e.  fish fat with branded name, passes a full cycle of production in Germany and returns in Georgia in the form of a final product.

“We have been cooperating with German company WeltPharma for 3 years. Jointly with our German colleagues we have implemented many projects and we manufacture several medications jointly with them”, GMP representatives noted.

WeltPharma is one of the leading companies on EU market in terms of production. GMP will manufacture Niamarin, Shuganorm and Regenium Suspenzia, jointly with WeltPharma.

“Currently GMP manufactures about 200 products in Georgia and abroad and sells more than 100 medications in various countries of the world and its exports grow every year. GMP products are popular in Georgia because of their quality and price. GMP manufactures products under international GMP standard and provides a full cycle of production.