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First Aid Medicine Kit Price Declines by 5.9%

The Healthcare Platform continues publishing the list and prices of medicine kits that are interesting and necessary for customers of various groups. The organization has explored the list and prices of first aid medications.

The research was conducted in four leading and major pharmacy networks. As compared to the previous month, in May the price of first aid medicine kit made up 127 GEL, while the price was 135 GEL in April. The month no month reduction made up 5.9%. Namely, prices declined on cetirizine. In April the price of cetirizine was 3.50  GEL, while in May the price declined to 2.50 GEL. The price of Captoprile also declined from 4.60 GEL to 4.38 GEL.

The comparative picture of prices of medications in April and May is as follows:

The price of accessories for first aid medicine kit (phoneidoscope, gloves, tourniquet, scissors and so on) was 40 GEL. The price declined to 33 GEL in May. The price of antiseptic means (iodine (betadine), Turmanidze ointment, Oxoline Ointment, injection water and so on) made up 13 GEL. As to other medications in the medicine kit, their price in May slightly declined.

The Healthcare Platform started exploring the list and prices of medicine kits for various consumer groups 3 months ago.

The organization has explored such groups as baby, children, first aid, office, family, tourist, cottage, driver’s medicine kits. The Healthcare Platform plans to continue examining changes in prices on the Georgian pharmaceutical market and to update our citizens on all changes in constant regime.