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Economic Expert: Mashkevich Has Unveiled Serious Initiatives for Our Country

Outstanding billionaire Alexander Mashkevich plans to implement several system projects in Georgia jointly with his business partners. He makes focus on the medical services and pharmaceutical sector. The long-term investments aim at making high-quality medical services more attainable and lowering medication prices.

Humanity Georgia company has launched operation in the pharmaceutical sector and plans to construct a pharmaceutical plant equipped with modern technologies, a quality control laboratory certified with the World Health Organization (WHO) and a storage center. At the same time, AlphaMedic Consortium  plans to implement consumer-oriented efficient projects as part of the state tender requirements.

Economic expert Demur Giorkhelidze comments on the initiative by Alexander Mashkevich:

“This is a serious statement. The main thing is in which form and directions Mashkevich will make investments. The Georgian pharmaceutical market is attractive, because it is very profitable and acceptable for any pharmaceutical company. But if the investments in the pharmaceutical business will promote the imports, nothing will be improved. As to rehabilitation of hospitals and pharmaceutical plant construction, this is a very good initiative. The main thing is that today this business, where savage rules dominate, become civilized stage by stage”.

The expert also overviewed the solvency of Georgian consumers and noted that the access should be expanded: “Making investments in the medical sector is important, but only narrow circle of our society can afford to receive these services. Therefore, investments in the health sector and the economic development should proceed in parallel regime”.

Demur Giorkhelidze also hailed the universal healthcare program implemented by the government: “

“Investments should be made in target directions, otherwise we will receive high-quality services with high prices and a major part of our citizens would not have access to these services. The health sector is the economic field and, consequently, from the financial and functional point of view, it should make huge contribution to the GDP. Naturally, I do not mean that professional interfere in any direction, from the organizational point of view the health sector should be considered as a part of the whole economy”.

“They will valuably perform their professional duties in the arranged system. This direction should be organized by the people who are eligible to form the economic model of the country. Today the economic policy is inefficient in our country and we should care for its development”.