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Tamar Matsaberidze Discussed New Challenges in Dentistry at Congress held in New York

On March 22-23, the 29th Annual American Dental Congress was held in Hilton Inn, New York. It is one of the most important events  where leading scientists and clinicians in the world share their knowledge and experience.

The American Dentistry Conference provides a wonderful forum for researchers to refresh knowledge base and to explore the innovations in Dentistry. The Conference strives to offer plenty of networking opportunities, to provide participants with the opportunity to meet and interact with the leading scientists and researchers.

Among the invited speakers was Tamar Matsaberidze, a 25-year-old Georgian doctor-dentist who spoke about new challenges in dentistry. She introduced the theme:  Conception of Human Body Bio-mechanical Balance, Meta-cognitive Diversity, Interdisciplinary Approach.

”I was always interested in connection between the general and oral health. That’s why in 2012, I took practice at Tbilisi Republican Hospital at Emergency direction to have more practice in general, than dentists usually do. It was one of the most memorable and exciting periods of my student life: working with professional and leader med resuscitation doctors of my country, attending lots of operations held by the top surgeons.

After graduation successfully TSMU, I took my postgraduate residency program at Albius Dental Academy, (Tbilisi, Georgia).

One day, during preparing my presentation about oral microbiology, I started thinking about the global problem – antibiotic resistant bacterial strains – and the ways how to solve it. One of the actual global research theme in this direction is phage therapy. I visited Tbilisi Eliava Bacteriophage Institute and took some practice in the laboratory to see how successful phage treatment is.

Second important issue for me was connection between periodontal diseases and pregnancy outcomes or early birth. During these processes high percentage of women take oral antibiotics, that means that it can be helpless because of resistant stains or also. So, I decided to make research connected these two problems and wrote article about phage therapy: New Vision in the Treatment of Periodontal Infection Diseases during the Pregnancy. Also attended with this article Radix International Young Leaders Forum and achieved best paper award.

After some time, I had opportunity to attend gnathology lecture during my residency program at Albius Dental Academy and was shocked about connection between the teeth and body posture. I collaborated with Italian inventors and made new article with the help of my supervisor, about Conception of bio-mechanical balance concept theory, meta-cognitive diversity, inter disciplinary approach. I attended second times Radix Yong Leaders Forum in Tbilisi.

In November, 2017 I first attend Greater New York Dental Meeting from Albous Dental Center. Mrs. Ketevan Gogilashvili the founder of Albius dental center gave me this opportunity and made my dream come true.

It was my first experience in USA. I came back in NYC, in January to attend several congresses.

In March, 2018 I attended 29th annual American dental congress as a speaker with biomechanical concept theory with Italian co-workers -‘’Starecta”-members.

After that came absolutely different step of my life: Publication offers from lots of international journals, connection with interesting researchers. I became a member of new York science academy and had a chance to attend different and important symposiums and conferences.

I would like to take a chance to express my gratitude to the person who has played a major role in my professional development – Ms. Ketevan Gogilashvili. From the first day of the meeting with her I understood  how looked the synthesis of humanity, professionalism and success. It was very difficult to move from the country, when I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Keti.

My aim is to become a scientist who will share her experience to the next generation. I do not want to be just a clinic doctor. I am ready to spend my life on making researches and developing novel methods to make peoples life easier and healthier.

I advise students to use all the possibilities that they have in Georgia, only this experience helped me to be able to present my country in front of international audience,”-said Tamar Matsaberidze.