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Child First Aid Kit Value Declined by 4 GEL in July

The Healthcare Platform nongovernmental organization has examined the list and prices of medications of children medicine kit in four leading pharmacy networks for the month of July.

The examination process has showed that the July value of the mentioned group has decreased by 4 GEL compared to June. In June the children medicine kit value was 93 GEL, while in July the figure has decreased to 89 GEL.

The medicine kit value went down after price of the following medications decreased: The price of Panadol declined from 8.20 GEL to 7.95 GEL. The price of Cetirizine in June was 2.50 GEL and in July – 1 35. GEL.

The price of several accessories has also declined. The price of cotton decreased by several Tetris (from 1 GEL to 0.57 GEL). The price of oxygen dioxide decreased to 0.51 GEL from 1.25 GEL. The price of spirits declined to 1.05 GEL from 1.40 GEL. The price of baby lotion diminished to 2.55 GEL from 3.84 GEL. The info-graphics clearly shows how total price of medications and items of care has decreased. As to the list and price of specific medications, they are given in the chart.