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April Sees 11 percent Decline in Value of Child’s First Aid Kit (Infographic)

The Healthcare Platform has published the April report on the list and prices of medicines  as part of the Panaskeretli Pharma monitoring project.

The report proves that in April the children medicine chest value decreased by 2% compared to March. Namely, in March the children medicine chest value was 114 GEL, while the figure made up 101.47 GEL in April.

For example, the price of rehydron was 26 GEL in March, while in April the medicine price decreased to 25.95 GEL, while the Albutsid eye drops price has decreased to 1.20 GEL from 2 GEL.

The Healthcare Platform has examined medicine prices at four leading pharmacy networks. The list and price of medications for the children medicine chest is as follows:


Care Products:

  • Ear cotton swabs (1000 sticks) – 2.65 GEL
  • Baby Cream – 7.95 GEL
  • Cotton – 1.00 GEL
  • Sterilized Bandage – 1.04 GEL
  • Brilliant Green – 0.30 GEL
  • Hydrogen dioxide – 0.51 GEL (100m)
  • Spirits – 1.40 GEL

Against Burn:

  • Turmanidze Ointment  4.90 GEL

Sore Throat:

  • Strepsils – 8.50 GEL

Against Cold:

  • Panadol – 8.20 GEL
  • Viburcol (cabldes) – 13.37 GEL


  • Rehydron Optim – 25.95 GEL
  • Enterol – 8.50 GEL


  • Otipax – 7.20 GEL



  • Cetirizin – 3.50 GEL

For Travel:

  • Dramina – 5.60 GEL
  • Total: 101.87 GEL

The Healthcare Platform continues exploring prices of medications at various pharmacy networks for various segments of consumers.  The organization has already published the children medicine chest list and prices for the month of April. The organization also plans to explore medicine chests for other categories too, including family,