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In Pictures: How Will Botanical Garden Look Like in Ganmukhuri

A botanical garden and a 5-star hotel will be built in Ganmukhuri. The project will be implemented by Cartu Fund and the Co-investment Foundation.


The project was introduced on September 26 by Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili. Bidzina Ivanishvili is consent to implement similar projects on the opposite size of the separation line too.


The botanical garden will be built on about 100 hectares.  Cartu Fund will finance the project by 20 million USD. The is a charity project to foster tourism infrastructure development.


The Co-investment Fund will build top-level 5-star hotel worth 60 million USD. It should be noted that the Ganmukhuri botanical garden will not be only a recreation zone, but it will preserve unique Kolkhetian breeds and varieties.


I believe similar projects will create a new center of tourists concentration and additionally stimulate potential investors to make additional investments. Both projects will considerably increase the tourists inflow and local residents will receive more revenues.


The hotel construction works will employ more than 2 000 workers for 2 years, while finished hotel will employ 350 persons”, the Prime Minister said.